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Schools and Universities 50% Discount on Disinfection & Sanitization For School Year 2020

Reopening of the Schools and Universities are set on August 30, 2020.

Most of the learning institutions are ready to start for this school year. It’s the longest vacation we ever had and now, Schools and Universities opens the door to continue the academic activities that have been postponed for a couple of months.

Schools & Universities already set a standard method of cleanliness to guarantee the safety of everyone within their respective vicinities. Apart from making the face masks and disposable hand gloves being normalized, all of the Schools and Universities elevate the preventive measures to assure the welfare of their students and employees.

Social distancing is now strictly implemented in all places, and Schools and Universities have sealed a firm rule on it.

Sharing of common areas like wash room, cafeteria, auditorium and most especially classrooms are places where close contact is a great challenge to avoid, Disinfection and Sanitization will be a great help to steer clear of the infections.

All In One Services increasingly making the shift to Disinfection and Sanitization strategy.

Disinfection and Sanitization fight pathogens like norovirus, flu and rhinovirus. These are the common viral infections we encounter in a daily basis. Cold areas are their habitat and also be found on the things that being touched frequently like door knobs, stair rails, light switches, faucets, chairs and countertops.

The rising needs of a regular sanitization propels All In One Services to elevate their game when it comes on giving the best services that beneficial to the community by achieving neatness and welfare of every citizen.

Apart from the top-rated cleaning services that All In One Services was known for, They also innovated the operational methods in Disinfection and Sanitization service using top of the line machines and premium chemicals that have been acknowledged and approved by Dubai Municipality with ISO certification.

All In One Services leads the best practices in cleaning industry together with the professional cleaners who took extensive trainings and equipment knowledge to deliver a world-class service.

In order to express the support for the upcoming classes of year 2020, All In One Services create a special campaign that benefits our beloved students and employees in education sector.

50% discount offerings for Disinfection and Sanitization will be served to every Schools and Universities to maintain the neatness and protection of its students and employees.

All In One Services believes that the progress of the country is in the hands of our students who will be our future leaders.

Giving our students a safe shelter while learning is probably a greatest gift anyone has to offer, and through this campaign, All in One Services aim to extend their hands to promote good-health and well-being of the whole United Arab Emirates.

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