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Bad Habits Why You Settle with A Filthy Home

How often do you clean your home? Lack of motivation and busy schedule are most common factors why we don’t tidy up our place. We’re too complacent that having seasonal and light cleaning would be enough. What we don’t notice that messy place slowly affects our behavior towards others and also our drive in life. Being unorganized makes everything around us uncomfortable and brings negative energy that hinder us to get through the day.

Let’s talk about the common factors why are we getting a filthy home.

Lack of motivation – Can we pause for a while and think of a reason why we should do a thorough cleaning in our house? For some, it should be for an occasion/party, visitors coming in or looking for a missing thing that you misplaced long time ago. If you’re living with your family, just think of your kids and the elders who might have been inhaling dusts that could cause allergies, nasal congestion and more. Now, think of a beneficial reason why you want your home always presentable, organise and hygienic.

Not knowing where to start – Overwhelming clutter gives us anxiety that we tend to just get used to it and we ignore it over and over again. Okay, let’s put it in this way, start with a place you always hangout to, if you’re an employee and doing a work from home setting and you’re using the living room area as an office, clean that certain area first, isn’t more productive if you work on a clean table, undusted chair and sparkly floor? Sometimes, we have to get that encouragement through the daily activities that we do, and find the benefits of in-depth cleaning to help that activity to become a successful one.

Just a lazy head – We’re all guilty of this. Waking up in the morning and just don’t want to do nothing—literally nothing. Even starting to take a bath took time because we’re being glued to our bed.­­ Being occupied on the previous days makes us weak and we take it as an excuse not to do the house chores.

Thankfully, in this busy and progressive world we live in, there are various of help we can avail to fill the jobs that we can’t do.

All In One Services mobile app offers low-cost rates on Deep Cleaning that starts at AED175, isn’t so good? You can just sit and relax while a professional cleaner cleans your home. Just book with their app and choose the service and your preferred time, later booking is also available if you want to place the service for a far date. These are the list of the Deep cleaning if you are wondering how the service goes.

• Steam Cleaning

• Clean and shine all mirrors

• Wipe, clean and disinfect all toilets, sinks,

    counters, tubs and showers

• Clean Range and Stovetop

• Clean Oven inside and out

• Grout Steam Cleaning

• Balcony Cleaning

• Marble Polishing

• Machine Scrubbing of all flooring

• Thorough cleaning of cabinets (inside and outside)

• Thorough dusting and vacuuming of the entire place

• Dust Window sills and Baseboards

• AC ventilation dusting and washing

• Walls and Ceiling Cleaning

• Internal & External Window Cleaning

• Dispose of all trash and replace trash bag

All In One Services gives you an easy life in handling your cleaning problems, so you don’t ever settle again with a filthy and unorganised home that gives you a headache, Get your phone and make a booking that would take just a few clicks and you don’t have to worry again about the mess.

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